Now write a short composition about your first Journey by air.

Now write a short composition about your first Journey by air.


Journey by air has always been my dream as it is an enjoyable and pleasant journey. From my very childhood, I have cherished a dream of how one feels in the air.

As we know that every journey is a source of pleasure and enjoyment, this journey of mine by aeroplane is also very much exciting to me. I have some relatives who have been living in London for years. They requested my parents so many times to visit them.

But every time, my father refused their invitation. But one day the opportunity came to us. My mother won a lottery offered by Bashundhara City Shopping Mall which gave us three air tickets including return tickets from Dhaka to London.

My parents made the best use of this opportunity last year. It was the month of December last year. We had travelled by the British Airways. Our flight was at 8. am. We reached the airport two hours before the flight.

After all formal checking, we started for the aeroplane. At every step, I felt the rush of blood when to get on board the aeroplane. After fifteen minutes the passengers got on board the plane. It started to run on the runway.

It was a thrilling experience. The plane ran very fast and within a minutě, it started to fly in the sky. As the plane was going upward very fast, everything on the ground was becoming smaller and smaller. When the plane was in a stable position in the sky, I saw the clouds floating in the sky very close to our plane.

Then the hostesses of the plane entertained us with coffee and other snacks. There were television monitors behind every seat. I enjoyed two English action movies. After ten long hours of journey, we reached the Heathrow Airport in London.

There we found some of our relatives waiting for us. In my boyhood, I wondered at the sight of how birds, as well as aeroplanes, fly in the sky. At last, this wonder came true to me. That was an excellent journey the experience of which will remain ever fresh in my memory.