Paragraph on 'Eve-teasing'

Paragraph on Eve-teasing.Eve teasing paragraph for class ten/6/7/8.Speech on eve teasing for class 8.Paragraph on eve teasing and harassment.Sexual harassment.

Paragraph on 'EVE-TEASING'

Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on 'Eve-teasing'. 

  • (a) What is eve-teasing?
  • (b) What are its effects on society?
  • (c) What are the causes behind it?
  • (d) What are the duties and responsibilities of the educated and conscious people?
  • (e) How can we get rid of this social curse?


Eve-teasing means teasing the young girls and women in an unfair way by which the notorious people cause mental tortures to them. It is a constant happening in the lives of Bangladeshi girls and women. In fact, the whole Indian subcontinental neighborhood is harassed with this discomfort. That shows a certain sort of the wrong mindset of men who cherish no respect for women's dignity. It is a traumatic experience for women. It presents a negative reflection on society. It can leave deep psychological scars which can be hard to heal. Eve-teasing has resulted in many unfortunate events in the lives of women. It badly affects the personal and academic development of women. Putting on indecent eyecatching dress often invites the lecherous males to commit Eve-teasing. The main cause is the lack of proper respect for the women accompanied by the tendency of insulting the girls and women in breach of the social norms. In order to check it, the educated and conscious people of the society should come forward to motivate the immoral people that this practice is contrary to social, legal and religious customs. They will have to guide their young sons and daughters to be rational in leading their lives. Measures that should be taken against Eve-teasing include the proper implementation of the relevant law, raising mass awareness about its negative consequence. The Government should enact strict law keeping the provision of exemplary punishment to the persons involved in such unsocial practice. In addition, non-government and socio-cultural organizations should come forward to launch a campaign against this crime.

Eve-teasing paragraph for class 6/7/8

Eve teasing means teasing the girls in an unfair and indecent way by the ill-minded people causing mental torture to the girls and women. Every day we find the news in the newspapers about eve-teasing. Eve teasing in recent days has become a great problem for the common people. The girls are abused by the bad boys which creates bad impact on the mind of the girls. It is a kind of sexual harassment. Here the boys use bad language to the girls to make fun of them. And girls silently hate them without taking any kind of revenge. Sometimes the effect of teasing leads the girls to suicide. She takes the decision to killed herself only for this insult. These Eve-teasing violations have very harmful issue to society. At present government and many organizations are coming ahead to protect the unbearable matter. But it is still in our society. For removing it forever from society everybody should become careful of it. Everybody should behave with each other like brother and sister. Moral values should be taught. So, we should obey our religious rules. And after all, we should come forward to raise public awareness to remove it from our society. If anybody makes this again they should be punished promptly. And we should take immediate action against them. if any body is found involved in this malpractice. If we can follow these steps properly only then we will be able to eradicate this problem from our society forever.

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