Paragraph on Drug Addiction

Paragraph on Drug Addiction.Drug addiction is a curse for the society. It has gradually spread its poisonous claws all over the world. It has turned into a global problem.

Paragraph on Drug Addiction

Write a paragraph based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible.

  • (a) What do you know about drug addiction?
  • (b) How is drug addiction destroying human life?
  • (C) Who are liable for the increase of drug addiction?
  • (d) What are the harmful effects of drug addiction?
  • (e) How can drug addiction be stopped?


Drug addiction is a curse for the society. It has gradually spread its poisonous claws all over the world. It has turned into a global problem. There are several reasons behind the increase of drug addiction. Frustration is the main cause of this addiction. When there is no hope left for people, they get addicted to drug. Unemployment problem, political cataclysm, lack of family ties, lack of affection, wrong idea about smartness, etc. are some of the remarkable causes of drug addiction. The addicts often get engaged with various crimes for collecting money to buy drugs. They get involved in hijacking, looting, plundering, killing, robbery, etc. Drugs kill them slowly but surely. Those who are drug addicted suffer from various problems like drowsiness, loss of appetite, insomnia, changing skin colour, brain damage and many other internal disorders of the body. But this can't go on. At any cost we must get rid of this social vice. The remedy of drug addiction is not very easy. The traders of drugs must be caught and punished severely. The govt. should apply every method to uproot drug traders. Our young generation should be made conscious about the devastating clutches of drugs. If we can remove drug addiction from the society, then we are sure to have a better future. For raising awareness among the common people, mass media can play a leading role. Also, the parents should be made aware of keeping a friendly relationship with all the members of the family so that none can feel detached.

Drug Addiction

Drug is usually used as medicine to cure diseases. But sometimes it is taken by some people for stimulating effect. This habit of taking harmful drugs is called drug addiction. Heroine, opium, morphin, cocaine, phensidyl, etc. are some of the drugs. The person who once starts taking drugs cannot stop taking it. There are some reasons behind people's getting addicted to the detrimental drugs. Some people take drugs to forget their painful past or memories. Some people take drugs in pursuit of pleasure. There are another type of people who at first take drugs as a fun but it turns into an addiction later on. The after maths of drug addiction is very dire and despicable. The health of the addicts break down. The addicts lose their mental power and courage. They feel drowsy and lose appetite. They lose their social status and the love of their near and dear ones as well. Various kinds of diseases grasp them. They suffer from amnesia, insomnia, nausea, physical weakness, blood pressure and from many other lethal diseases. Their kidneys and livers also get damaged. Drug addiction is not only a national problem but also a global problem. So, it should be stopped by any means. I can save myself from it by self-consciousness, by keeping myself aloof from bad companies and by being strict minded against it.

Write a paragraph on 'Drug Addiction' based on the following questions. 

  • a) What is meant by drug addiction?
  • b) Why are people affected with those?
  • c) What are the effects of it in the society?
  • d) What are the effects of it on human body?
  • e) What is the condition of drug addiction in Bangladesh?
  • f) How can it be prevented?
  • g) How can you guard yourself from such bad habit?


Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a curse of modern civilization. It is now a global problem. Drug addiction has grasped the young generation in our country. Frustration is the main cause of this addiction. Again some take drugs as a pursuit of pleasure and later on it turns into an addiction. The drugs are very expensive. In order to arrange money, the addicts commit many kinds of social crimes like stealing, hijacking, looting, plundering etc. Drug addiction has a terrible effect on the human body. People addicted to drugs feel drowsy and lose appetite. The poisonous effect of drugs may damage the brain and all internal functions of the body. The addicts feel intensive pain in the body. The treatment of the drug addicts is expensive and difficult. The drug problem has s become very acute. Recently, Bangladesh is often used as a transit of transmission of drugs from one country to another by the international drug smugglers. The remedy for drug addiction is not very easy. All concerned must create awareness at personal and family levels against the dangerous impact of drug addiction. Suppliers should be punished strictly. When each and every person will be sincere to drive the curse of drug addiction from the society, then we can get rid of it.


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