IDIOMS AND PHRASES in English Letter B

Most common English idioms and phrases English idiomatic expressions are needed to be fluent in English and for competitive examination.

Most Common IDIOMS AND PHRASES in English


Bolt from the blue (বিনা মেঘে বজ্রপাত) The news of his death came to me like a bolt from the blue. 

A bone of contention (বিবাদের বিষয়) The piece of land is a bone of contention between the two brothers.

Book worm (ভীষণ পড়ুয়া) He is a book worm.

Bread and butter (জীবিকা) He is too poor to buy his bread and butter.

Break one's heart (মন ভাঙ্গা) The untimely death of the elder son broke the mother's heart.

Bring to light (প্রকাশ পাওয়া) The secret was brought to light.

Bring to book (শাস্তি দেওয়া) I brought him to book for telling many lies. 

Bring to mind (স্মরণ করা) I failed to bring his name to mind.

Bring to life (পুনরুজ্জীবিত করা) The old man was brought to life.

By heart (মুখস্ত করা) He got the poem by heart.

By turns (পর্যায়ক্রমে) The students finished the work by turns.

By hook or by crook (যেকোন উপায়ে) I shall get this work done by hook or by crook.

By leap's and bound's (দ্রুত গতিতে) The prices of daily necessaries are increasing by leaps and bounds.

By fits and starts (মাঝেমধ্যে খুব উৎসাহ দেখিয়ে) The student who reads by fits and stars can not succeed.

By fair means or foul (ন্যায় বা অন্যায় যেভাবেই হােক) He tried to stand in life by fair means or foul.

By this time (এতক্ষণে) He will have reached home by this time. 

Beyond question (নিঃসন্দেহ) It is beyond question that Mowlana Bhasani was a great leader.

Beyond measure (অপরিসীম) His failure shocked his parents beyond measure.

Body and soul together (জীবনধারণ) The poor can hardly keep body and soul together.

Better half (অর্ধাঙ্গিনী) He is worried of the illness of his better half. 

Big guns (অতিবিশিষ্ট ব্যক্তিবৃন্দ) The big guns always do many good things for society.

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